Thursday, December 19, 2013

I ♥ Deals

Hello Lovelies!

I have been recently hooked to Groupon. If you haven't heard of it before, Groupon is a "deal of a day" type of website, they offer discounts and coupons for  about everything you can imagine.

Although there are another websites, like for example Living Social. I personally like Groupon more. I've gotten more deals from there. One time we purchased brunch for 4 people for only $30. It came with 4 entres, a mimosa, and all you can eat desserts. The regular price of  each entree was around $13 each, so it really paid off.

Another time I got a set of styling of Herstyler styling tools. It included a flat iron, the grande curling wand which by itself is $90 on, and a mini hairdryer. It sells on the website for $400, and I only paid $50 through groupon.

A while ago my boyfriend purchased a groupon to go on a food tour (they take you to different restaurants to try out their best dishes). Regular price is $90 for 2 people and we got it for $49.

My latest purchase from groupon is one of my favorite perfumes. Aquolina Pink Sugar, the 1.7 oz bottle sells for $45 at sephora and they had it for sale for $17 that's including shipping.  

There is a ton of deals for restaurants, activities, hair salons. Also they sell goods, like electronics, toys, perfumes, clothes, and even furniture. What I like the most and have yet to purchase one is their "Getaways" I love looking for vacation deals. Many of the foreign destinations have airfare included, along with hotels and some meals. I just need to save up so I can get one!

Most of the times these sites only serve the US, but I looked up and Groupon also serves other parts of the world including Europe, South America and Asia.

Hope you guys give it a try it will save you some money. Sign up here.



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  2. I love Groupon and other similar websites like that. It's a great and cheap way for me to try new restaurants for cheap!

  3. I'm really surpirsed you know Groupon too :D I live in Europe and thought there are only coupons for here. I agree with you, the site is awesome they sell so many nice coupons I bought a bubble tea and restaurant coupon befoire there too ^ u ^ Thanks for sharing this here, you just reminded me to check there more often again :>

  4. Oh Groupon is new to me, thanks I´m checking now, the iron looks very cool! xx

  5. Qué bonito el Kit para el pelo, la verdad es que aquí en España también se están poniendo de moda los sitios como Groupon, consigues descuentos para muchísimas cosas, y merece la pena.

    Espero que pases unas estupendas navidades!!

    Te sigo con mi nuevo perfil, ¡que me cambie! :)


  6. OMG, Pink Sugar is THE perfume I love ! I would never imagine that they'd sell it on Groupon ! Such a great deal !


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