Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cancun Part 4 (picture heavy)

Hello lovelies!

For part 1, 2, and 3.

For our fourth day we also booked a tour with the same company, and after two and a half hours we arrived at our destination. We went to "Xel-ha". This tour was a little more expensive, I think around $107 each, but it included roundtrip transportation, entrance to Xel Ha, and all you can eat and drink in the park, inluding alcohol.

Xel-ha means spring water in mayan language. The place is an ecopark, which I would describe it as a mix of Seaworld and a waterpark, but natural. You can snorkel, dive from a cliff, there are zip lines, there is also a cenote on site, ride bikes in the jungle, etc, and everything is included!
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First thing we did when we arrived we breakfast, and this was the view of the restaurant.

Everywhere you look is beyond beautiful.
I got so dark while in Cancun, the good thing is that I don't get red like tomato, I just get a tan.

After having breakfast we went to get our lockers and snorkel equipment to well do some snorkeling. The waters are crystal clear. Also it was my first time snorkeling... I know, I'm such a loser.

I regret not taking many pictures. My waterproof camera uses AA batteries, and I had 2 extra spares with me, and I charged them before leaving but when I put them on the camera the camera wouldn't turn on. I had to buy oldschool alkaline batteries and was I afraid of using the camera too much because it would drain the batteries out.

We could've spent the entire day snorkeling here there are so many colorful fishes.

After we finished snorkeling we took pictures on this ginormous chair and life jacket. The view to the Caribbean ocean is just ♥__________♥

I don't know were did the time go because after this we went back to drop off our snorkeling equipment, and then to the box office to purchase tickets for an optional activity. We walked around a little bit, ate a bit, and rest a bit.
Carbing up
So our optional activity was to.... swim with dolphins. The dolphins are just so ahfhjdsuh cute! The only thing that sucks is that it's freaking expensive $80 dlls to swim for 30 minutes. Also you can't even take your own pictures, but they take pictures for you and sell each at $30 wtf!!! my boyfriend bought all the pictures 37 of them  in a CD for $100 ¬_¬
The dolphin swim took up most of our afternoon because they take you to a room, show a video, give instructions, wait until the dolphins are ready, then everyone takes the photos, and then they sell you the pictures. We just had enough time left to shower and eat until they picked up up.

Sadly the day came to an end.  I loved the place. It got cloudy by the end of the day, there was a storm coming, so the water was not as turquoise as it was in the morning.

Once they dropped us off at the hotel we went to a little mall to buy souvenirs for the parents. Then we went clubbing. The biggest club there is "Coco Bongo" but my boyfriend didn't want to go there because it's a copy of Las Vegas clubbing scene. You know they have shows and impersonators, that week they had a Michael Jackson impersonator. So we went to the Mandala club instead. The night we arrived this place was packed, but since we went on a Tuesday night it's was rather empty.
Like in all the clubs in Cancun, it's open bar, and can you believe they close until 5 AM!?!?! It's crazy, we left until 4. I had never stayed that late partying.



  1. aww, swimming with dolphins is awesome but I don't know if the price was worth it , it's so pricey!! ; O ; And the photos are super expensive too! How could you afford this? T^T It's a pity your camera went low battery qq Honestly, I'm reaaally scared to snorkel or just go bathing in the ocean or somewhere I can't stand :c But this trip sounds so fun for people who don't have this weird fear :>


    1. well, my boyfriend and I split the cost, but it's true very expensive, back home we have a seaworld, and the dolphin swim there costs $230! but we thought of it as once in a lifetime thing.

  2. Ahhh, I always wanted to swim with the dolphins!! But the price and no one wanting to go with me always puts me off. :D And I'm glad you enjoyed snorkeling (I hated it). :D That big chair is really cool too. So photogenic. lol. Clubbing looks like fun - I like it when it's emptier because then you can actually dance and not worry about people spilling things on you... Lol. Looks like your holiday was awsome!!

  3. I like to see the photos of the trip.
    Cancun is an amazing site.
    Someday I'd like to go


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