Friday, September 6, 2013

Cancun Part 2 (picture heavy)

Hello lovelies!

Here is part 2 of my vacation in Cancun, for part 1 click here.

I got asked where exactly is Cancun. It's a major tourists destination in Mexico. It's close to Cuba, and the state of Florida. See the map.
So the next day we went to the beach. We were eager to experience the Caribbean waters!

It did not disappoint us, the water is crystal clear and warm, and the sand is white and silky smooth. Hands down most beautiful beach I've ever been to! 

We took lots of pictures because we spent most of the day there. Warning beach spam coming ahead. I swear I could make several posts just about the beach.

The waters that day were a little rough, we were told, and also found out online that the beach in front of our hotel is actually man-made. So usually the beach is calm, almost like a swimming pool, but this day wasn't.

We also went to Plaza la Isla and we took the bus. The bus ride was a whole new experience. The buses have A/C, a TV and wifi! WTF!!! This is public transportation not a private service, we were amazed. Public transportation in the US is not that fancy.

Once in the mall, we went to an Italian restaurant called "La Madonna" because we had a coupon, but when we got there and nobody acknowledged our presence. They didn't even have a full house, there was only a family dinning, so it's not like they were busy or understaffed. The waiters just walked past by us so we left. They have pretty decor though,

Instead we took out business to my favorite restaurant... Chili's!

The menu from Chili's Mexico is different from the one in the US, they don't have my beloved Texas cheese fries! :'(

Anyways, around the mall there was this river, and you could go around it in a boat kind of like in Venice. It reminded me so much of "Boys Over Flowes", the scenes where they are in Macau. Sadly the river was closed and couldn't go on the boat.

So our main purpose to go here was to go to the "Cancun Interactive Aquarium" yes they randomly have an aquarium in the middle of a shopping mall.

The aquarium entrance fee is only around $12 USD, it's quite nice considering how small it is.
my boyfriend took this with his phone!
my boyfriend trying to eat some dangerous fish
since i'm more hardcore I went for the piranha

You can pet the sting rays, I had never touched one before and it scared me, its skin is so slimy.
Happy smiles
They even have dolphins and sea lions. You can swim with the dolphins, and have you picture taken with the sea lions. They even have a dolphin show for free. But when got there late so we didn't see any of this. Instead, we saw how this dolphin was being trained.

There is this shark tank, you can actually swim in it inside an acrylic cage if you pay like $20 more dollars at the entrance. To be honest I kind of wanted to do it because not everyday you have an opportunity to swim with sharks, but we didn't have swimwear with us.

There were some ugly fishes in the same tank as the sharks, I say ugly because they are huge!

So we went back to the hotel and it was dark already, we went to the pool, and afterwards we went to the pharmacy because I'm still having chest pains, and my boyfriend had a little injury so we walked there. On our way we caught a storm!

It was weird because it first felt like a breeze and in a matter of seconds it escalated to giant raindrops and got super wet, we ran to the closest kiosk at stayed there until it went away. It only lasted like 5 minutes though. Since it is so hot, out clothes dried in minutes.

For dinner we went to a Mexican Restaurant called "Paloma Bonita" it's decor it's so Mexican. Bright colors everywhere, even the waiters are dressed up as important people in the history of Mexico. Our waiter was dressed up as Emiliano Zapata a revolutionary leader. The greeter was dressed up as Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto.

But they have some really weird dishes like roasted bunny, and deer. But we had none of that, and instead played it safe with a sampler. It's was so delicious, probably the best food we had in Cancun.

We had sopes, quedadilla, fish taco, flautas, and I can't even remember the rest of the names.
A full stomach always brings a smile.

This will be it for part 2. Part 3 coming soon.



  1. So much fun :)! I have petted a sting ray too, haha

  2. always been much fame cancun beach.
    Someday I'd like to meet

  3. That looks like so much fun! Such pretty beaches and your outfits were so cute~ :) It made me want to go on vacation with my boyfriend, sigh.

  4. omg your trip sounds so nice! I honestly would be too afraid to swim with the sharks T^T I'm so scared of them >< But it's such a pity you forgot your swimsuit because you really wanted to do it :0 The beach where you were with your boyfriend looks so freakin nice @_@ I wish I could go there too but it's so expensive to fly to Mexico from where I live :'c Have a lot of fun on your leftover vacation~!:)
    Looking forward to part 3 haha :D

    ♡ Mindy~

  5. Looks like you had an awesome time! That beach looks super pretty too!

  6. Really great photos! We can see that you had a lot of fun over there!
    Beauty review, D.I.Y, Beauty Tips and more...

  7. Beautiful photos. Your trip looks amazing. I would love to visit Cancun!

    Tracy @

  8. Aaaah the beach looks amazing!

    Omg, I love aquariums! I probably would've spent so much time there, just watching the fish glide in their tanks. I love stingrays! The way they swim is so beautiful and relaxing. I swam and fed some in the ocean once, and when they eat from your hands, it feels like a vacuum cleaner!

  9. Yeeah! Cancun must be a wonderful place for holiday, you had to enjoy it a lot Monica! :)


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