Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cancun Part 1 (Picture Heavy)

Hello lovelies!

I'm back to reality from my vacation in Cancun. I didn't want to come back it's so beautiful over there, I want to be a tourist forever ♥. I did not post this earlier because I was so jet lagged, we flew though a storm for 5 hours, so you can imagine the turbulence, and how dizzy I felt the first 3 days after I arrived. I got sick too, so I mostly slept all weekend. But here are pictures from the trip, we took a lot of pictures. I will make a few posts about Cancun.

So we left to the airport on Friday night, our flight took off at 2 am on Saturday. The flight from Tijuana to Guadalajara was fine. We were just tired, we had a 3 or 4 hour layover in Guadalajara.
Airport in Guadalajara
Had a donut for breakfast
Always raining in Guadalajara
The ride from Guadalajara was meh. We caught a little turbulance, but it was ok. We were sitting in front of a family of like 12, they were obnoxiously loud, so we couldn't sleep well.
We flew by the volcano "Popocatepetl"
We arrived at 1:00 Cancun time and then we were picked up by the shuttle service guy. We hired a company called "USA Transfers" and they were top notch. Our driver was friendly, and gave us lots of tips about places to visit, and where is it cheaper to buy souvenirs etc. So I definitely recommend them. Best of all it was a private service, we didn't share the van with anyone else. The was no wasting time waiting for people to get off and on the van at each hotel.

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency, and it was great. We are both very happy because it of its location and cleanness. It's close (walking distance) to shopping malls, restaurants, the clubs, and the convenience store. So we didn't spend much on transportation.

Also can I talk about the gorgeous view. Click to view on its full glory!

This is the standard room, so the room faces the hotel zone, the other side of the hotel has the ocean view, and omg they are gorgeous but also more expensive. Our room was very basic, only bed, desk, tv, fridge, closet and bathroom. The mini fridge had alcoholic beverages at an extra cost.

So first day we didn't do much, we got the hotel, changed into summer appropiate clothes and slept. We woke up and then we went to Plaza Caracol to look for a place to eat, but nobody told us Plaza Caracol doesn't have any restaurants! So we ended up eating sushi on a small restaurant called "Hanaichi" I thought the place was expensive. I mean the sushi was not extraordinary to justify its price.

Afterwards we took a walk on the beach at night, surprisingly the water was warm.

Also, we went to walk around the clubs to see which one we would visit during our stay. It's so crazy, there are like 20 people in front of each club trying to sell you passes not only for the club, but for other attractions in Cancun. You can't walk 3 meters without somebody asking you if you want to pay a visit.

There is a small mall next to the clubs. We went in to Chili's but it was an hour wait, we were starving so we looked for other places to eat.
I had to take the picture here since I love Chili's!
There was another restaurant in the mall called "Carlos 'n Charlies" we tried to eat there, but it was too late and the kitchen was closed. It was only open for drinks. Outside they had this so we took the opportunity to take pictures..

Our last hope was the Hard Rock Cafe,
They were still serving food so we ate here. The live had was playing too!.
I loved this place! The ambiance was really calm and actually like the band playing. They were playing music from the 70's and 80's

After that we just went back to the hotel to sleep some more.
Cancun by night

This will be it for part 1. Part 2 coming soon. I promise it will be more interesting too.



  1. It looks just awesome over there! I also want to take a vacation, I'm bored over here lol :D. Btw for some reason I like long waits in airports (in case they are big, nice ones :D).

  2. Looks so pretty! I'm not too sure where Cancun is though... I should really look it up :(. It looks like a lot of fun ^.^ Can't wait to see part 2!

  3. Omg, I hate it when I'm seated near obnoxious and loud people on the plane! It's the worse thing ever, I feel your pain X_x

    Ooo, the resort looks really nice! And everything looks so lively! I've never been to Mexico but I hear it's really nice there.

    Hahaha, that giant chili is awesome.


  4. OMG! It looks like you had an amazing trip! I've been to Mexico, but not to Cancun.



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