Friday, May 31, 2013

Ballet Inspired Shoes

Hey guys!
One my latest obsessions are ballet styled shoes. I'm not talking about ballet flats in general, but shoes that actually look like ballet slippers and pointe shoes. As a child I wanted to be a ballerina, I think most girls do, because ballerinas are graceful, and usually are seen in those cute pink tutus and just look so pretty. I don't know much about ballet, I never took any classes as a child so  I picked them out based on my perception of a ballerina stereotype.

1- Chloe Square Toe Ballet Flats - $485
I've always loved the way pointe shoes look, and most ballet flats don't even come close to the look of a pointe shoe. These are almost identical, but I can't justify almost $500 for ballet flats!

2- Jeffrey Campbel x Wildfox Couture Ballet Platform - $192
I absolutely love the way these look, I just not that daring to wear this out. I think they would be so pretty even for decoration.

3- Ted Baker London "Charee" -  $150 I've also seen them named as "Imera" I love the metallic leather, and the square toe, it makes it much more realistic to a pointe shoe.

4- Topshop Vibrant Tumbled Ballerinas - $32 Very cute, and simple, also affordable. Although they might not be worth the price because  they don't last too many uses.

5- Loft "Flynn" Satin Ballet Flat- $40  Even though I personally don't like ruched flats, I think colorwise and material wise are like a mix of pointe and ballet slippers.

6- Repetto "Bolchoi"- $290 I think these are so similar to the Ted Baker London Charee, but much more expensive. What is really cool about Repetto is that most of their shoes are dance inspired, and so come in a crazy variety of colors just look at the picture below.

I also want to mention a website I found, Pretty Ballerinas, they only sell ballerina flats,  they are that specialized.

In case you can't afford these shoes there are cheaper options like... bridal dyable shoes! You can dye them any color you want, or take them to a shoe repair shop to get them dyed professionally.
Shoes from the left, and shoes on the right



  1. I love the simplicity of a ballet flat, there is something so elegant about them as well.

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  2. This style of shoes are super cute and useful coz easy to walk with! ^^ Cute pictures, wants me to go and buy new pair of cute pink ballet shoes ^^

  3. Si jajaja, cuando de peques te pones a ver la Televisión y las ves, tan de rosita y sencillas, como princesas!.

    Yo tengo unas bailarinas muy similares, y me encantan!.

  4. Great Post 1
    This style of shoes are super cute and easy to walk with . I wwill definitely go and buy new pair of cute pink ballet shoes .

    Barker Marine

    Men Shoes UK

  5. Hey this is really late so I hope you see this, but if you're still obsessing over ballet shoes Google 'pointe shoe flats' and there are some under $90 by Jessica Simpson that are
    Identical to the $500 ones!😊😊


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