Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tegan and Sara Heartrob

Hey guys!
On Wednesday me and my friend Laura, went to see Tegan and Sara (once again). This time it was a solo concert, so there were no annoying teenage fans bumping into everyone so they can get closer to the stage. They are currently promoting their new album "Heartrob", you probably might have heard this song on an express commercial.

It took place at Humprey's by the Bay, oh man that place is beautiful! it is outdoors and it is right next to a marina, and it is in the middle of a fancy hotel. The only thing that sucked is that they don't let cameras in, but I went in sneaky mode and took mine in. Most people were only taking pictures with their iphones.

Here are some pics I took
our view from the seats
this is Tegan
and this is Sara
Love those cubes!

I only took one video, because I wanted to enjoy the show, but is so shaky! but the last song they played was "Feel it in my bones" a collaboration they made with Tiesto, which made me very happy because it is one of my favorite songs.



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