Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gmarket Haul

Hey guys!
I think during the first or second week of March the Etude House shop on Gmarket where having a sale. Some products where even 50% off! I went ahead and ordered some items form the new Sweet Recipe Collection, and other othems from older collections.

I guess Etude was very busy dispatching orders from that sale because local shipping took longer than usual, about 2 weeks. But once my items arrived to the warehouse I got them in like 3 days. 
Here is everything I bought. It's so pink!

This is the from the Etoinette collection.

The Pink Heart Blush, I had heard mostly bad reviews about this. I didn't purchase it for the product but for the packaging I mean look at it, it looks so fancy! I am seriously thinking about throwing out the blush because one of the hearts broke during shipping so it made a mess.
You can see how some of them are broken

Next is the lash perm 3 Step Volumecara

Supposedly it should give you big dolly like lashes, but i haven't use it.
The brush is quite big

Then here come the stuff from the Sweet Recipe Collection. I'm honestly was very interested in this collection because the theme is desserts. Etude House has new spokesmodels, Krystal and Sulli from f(x) so they definately do a great job at wanting me to buy more from Etude.

First is the Baby Choux Base in Berry.

This one is suppose to brighten skin tone, again I haven't used it.
I really appreciate that this comes with a spatula

Then I bought the Dear my Jelly Lipstalk lipstick in JPK002
This is one Krystal's pick.
This one I have used, and it is quite sheer. It's not a full coverage lipstick, it's more like a tint on a stick.

Last is the chocolate smudge liner. I got the black one.
It does look like chocolate!
I don't think it looks completely black, it's more of a deep chocolate brown, but it is so cute I don't mind.

Well that's it for today, if you guys are interested in a review let me know!



  1. great haul! I have been planning to buy stuffs from gmarket but still afraid coz I read some bad reviews about gmarket..

  2. I love all products from Etude House.
    and the desing always are wonderfull.

  3. I love the sweet recipe series>< but...I don't have anything from it yet.. But I will get the nailpolish>-<
    Oh please do reviews on these products!^^ I'd love to hear what you think of them!

  4. I have that mascara and it does give a huge effect. OMG that choco liner is so cute :D
    xo, Lara

  5. What a lovely haul ^^
    The products all look so adorable ^^

    恵美より ♥

  6. That eyelinr looks awesome! And all the stuff you got from Etude is seriously cute!~

  7. Definitely want a review!

    Also, I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! (^-^)


  8. I've tried the peach base and I love it! hope you'll like it too. is the smudger a gel liner? it looks so yummy xD

  9. I am actually very curious about the baby choux base, I mean, like really... >_< but I've spent too much this month and it's not even half of the month yet -_-" so maybe next month... by the way, that liner is kalsjdadjasda omg if I had that I'd lick it at the very least, that looks soooo much like a chocolate!!!

    korean cosmetics and their packaging will be the end of me... /flails/

    by the way, I'm new here ^3^ hello there~ haha

  10. It's great to know that the Baby choux base comes with a spatula. I have seen quite a few review of it but they never said anything about the spatula. :O I will definitely get the mint choux.

    lovely haul btw! I also love Etude House and other korean cosmetics. *o*


  11. the packages are so cute! It already alone makes me want to buy them :D Thanks for the reviews!<3

  12. Img a really big and kawaii haul!
    I love it Etude House because the package of that products arereally cute and the quality is really huge!
    MAny thanks for share this haul all looks lovely.



  13. I had never heard of Etude House. The items you purchased are so pretty. I am going to check this place out.

  14. omg! THat totally does look like chocolate!!


  15. I love Etude House for its cute packaging and quality<3 Thanks for sharing your haul *-*

    Much Love,


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