Thursday, December 13, 2012

What's going on?! My Birthday

Hey guys
For the ones in school, how are your finals coming along? are you guys working hard to pass your classes?
You haven't seen my face in a while so I'm including a random photo

I'm finally done with the semester. I say finally because I couldn't wait for this day since the semester started. On Tuesday I finished the my last final and went to eat sushi with my boyfriend. We haven't really seen each other for about 2 weeks because I was busy with some research papers and studying.

my boyfriend is a copycat and ordered the same thing
Yesterday it was my birthday on 12/12/12. I mentioned to my boyfriend that since I was little I had thought about that date. It seemed so distant back then. We went to eat Korean food, and I ordered bulgogi and got burned with the pan, I accidentally touched it when it was super hot.

bulgogi, japchae and all the banchan
I had four different cakes, two at work, then my mom bought me a cake and my boyfriend's family bought me another. I got a few presents yesterday, but I usually keep getting birthday presents until Christmas, mostly from family because we don't see each other often. This is what I got yesterday

Here is yesterday's outfit
Dress: Liz Lisa replica
Boots: Taobao



  1. happy birthday !!! later :/

    you're so beautiful <3

  2. Love your Hello Kitty box and your birthday's outfit!!! So cute!!! Happy I found your blog!! Now I follow your blog with GFC and BLOGLOVIN (26)!! Follow me back on these socials if you like please!! We can follow each other, it would be a pleasure!!!
    TheSparklingCinnamon BLOGLOVIN
    TheSparklingCinnamon FACEBOOK PAGE
    love, Francesca

  3. Hello Kitty Forever :D Too cute :3
    the Liz Liza copycat dress is very pretty too :)
    x, Lara

  4. Your outfit is so nice! You got some nice things and your birthday food looks yummy!

  5. Lovely outfit :)
    It's so cool that your bday falls on that day~

  6. Mooooooony!!!!!>___<UU
    No sabia que había sido tu cumpleaños!D,,,:
    ¡¡¡Muchísimas Felicidades!!!(ノ>▽<)ノ
    Es genial que tu cumpleaños haya caído el 12/12/12 xDD
    Me alegra saber que te la hayas pasado muy bien y ya sin el estress de la escuela hehe ^^
    Espero recibas más regalos hehe ;P pero sobretodo que convivas aun más con tus seres queridos!!!^^
    Que tengas un muy buen inicio de semana!;3

    PD: Tu vestido está precioso!♥ Te queda muy bien!^^

  7. haha very cool :3 Happy belated bday! 12-12-12!
    I finished my finals earlier than most people.
    I hope I did good…I'm still waiting for the results.
    So many cakes! Lucky :D Adorable outfit, too.



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