Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Spoil Myself During the Holidays

Hey guys!
So I love the holiday season. Just seeing how some people decor their homes, and my favorite is the food. We Mexicans usually make tamales, mym mom only makes them once a year on Christmas eve because its hard work.

Anyways that is not even related to what I want to share. There is one thing I hate about the holidays... that is shopping for gifts.

Every store is having sale after sale, and offering free shipping I just can't resist those offers and have bought things for only myself. Its only a week before Christmas and I have not bought a thing for anyone. I know shame on me... so lets appreciate my new things.

Fannel pajamas from Forever 21 only $9 on black Friday sale
 Jewerich No.2 Lashes
I don't really like to post underwear, but I saw these at the Forever21 website, and they are so cute!!
 Been wanting a floppy hat so got this one from forever21
 I was looking for a Liz Lisa coat on Yahoo auctions and came across this Tralala Coat, it was only 3000 yen, and it's brand new still has the tags, it was originally 12,390 yen!
 Popteen December Issue with Pikarin on the cover
I know this is super nerd, but got the Sailor V volume 1. It is a short manga only 2 volumes, but this is the basis to the story of Sailor Moon and I have always wanted to read this and since it is being republished I was able to find it on Barnes & Noble.

That's it


  1. The Sailor V comic is sooooo good! Really! It's amazing! I loved every bit of it:) And your new coat is omg amazing!!!!! So nice!!

  2. Hehe :D . I used to do the same when I was younger (couldn't resist shopping extra stuff) but I recently I have done it less :D The coat was a bargain :)
    x, Lara

  3. Hola Mony!^^
    A mi también me encanta la Navidad, sobre todo por lo tamales y frijoles de mi Abuelita, espero todo el año para poder comerlos en Navidad y Año Nuevo!♥
    Las pestañas que compraste están muy bonitas y me imagino que se han de ver bastante llamativas hehe xD
    Ya quiero verte el abrigo de Liz Lisa con algun atuendo de seguro se ve precioso!x'3
    Yo también quiero el manga de Sailor V, recuerdo que de niña yo decia queria ser Sailor Venus heheh xDU
    Espero tengas un muy bonito día, saludos!;3


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