Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hey guys!
I hope everyone of you had a wonderful Christmas? What did you guys do, and did you get gifts?
This year we went to my hometown in Mexico to visit family. We had some family form Mexico City visiting.

This year we didn't have many gifts since all of our cousins are already grown up and most of them already have families of their own. I have a total of 11 cousins on my mom's side and only 4 of us remain single and unmarried. I'm on the the youngest ones.We didn't do anything just talk to our family, open presents, eat tamales, eat, eat and eat. Typical.
my sister and I
I didn't received many gifts from my family, because I'm over 18, that's the age my family stops giving you Christmas presents. My aunt gave me this framed picture of when I was 3 years old.

Check out my wild hairdo!

Also got this jacket from another aunt.

I couldn't spend Christmas with my boyfriend. It took us 5 hours to cross the border, so we got home after 11:30 pm. So I just met with him for about one hour to exchanged presents.

This is what he got me. The white scarf, a small handbag, pirouettes and the sailor moon manga set

His sister gave me this cute Hello Kitty bubble bath set.

Mom got me this uber cute slippers. Love them so much!



  1. Sounds like you had a really nice Christmas! You got some cute things! The slippers are so cute!

  2. Hola Mony!^^
    Que bueno que te la hayas pasado tan bien en Navidad!
    Como debe de ser en familia y comiendo, comiendo y comiendo hahaha xDD
    A mi tampoco me dan ya regalos de Navidad u__u creo que desde que estaba en secundaria u.u Pero este año pedí que por favor me pusieran brackets y ojala se me cumpla mi deseo el año entrante ^^
    Te dieron muy bonitos regalos, espero los disfrutes mucho!;3
    Cuidate y nos leemos luego!!^^

  3. Hi Nony! your sister looks pretty! Love all the gifts you got :)Happy New Year!

  4. Such fun photos, I hope you have a great Christmas and I wish you the best of luck and hope 2013 is everything you hope it to be, happy new year.

    I'd love it if you could check my blog out and maybe we can follow each otheR


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