Friday, August 24, 2012


Writing this because I need to vent my feelings to someone.

Last year my parents decided to become foster parents. For people who don't know what this is. Basically when the parents of the kids are unable to take good care of them they are taken away from their homes and placed on a temporary (foster home). So on April 13th we received our first kids.

me and "Jesse"
We received two boys. A five year old and a two year old. The two year old, "Jesse" (not his real name) came to us in terrible conditions. He was not properly feed, had scabies, and was so tiny. Jesse was nearly 3 and used clothes for a 18 month old baby.

"Jesse" and "Richard"

"Richard" (also not his real name) also had scabies, but he wasn't in such a bad condition as his brother. He had more behavioral problems than health problems. He still used diapers to sleep and despite wearing a diaper he wet the bed everyday.
Jesse turned 3 while living with us
I grew very fond of them, especially Jesse because he would always follow me around, and hang in my room. Every time I would go out to work our school he would receive me with a wide smile. he was so cute too, I love his puffy cheeks.
How can you resist a smile like this?
So the thing is that, as all foster kids, they will eventually go home. They told us two weeks ago that they will go home soon, and they went back home today. Since I'm on my week of vacation I spent it with the boys.

I have cried so much this week because I knew this day was coming, and I came to love them very much. What hurts the most is that Jesse is so young  he will forget about us. I will probably never see him again. It honestly feels like they died.

Richard was very happy when we told him that he was going back home. But started to cry when we told him that he might never see us again. He said that he loved us and that he didn't want to miss us.  He kept telling me how much he loved and and he was going to miss me :'(
I had been raining earlier that day so my hair is a mess, but Richard looks so happy
We came a long way with them. Jesse started to speak more Spanish, we potty trained him, we taught him the numbers in both english and spanish, and learned to control his anger. He grew up a lot. We measured him today and he 2 was 3'2 tall and weighted 30 pounds. He is a heavy boy!

Richard we still had a lot of behavior problems with him. But he no longer wets the bed! and doesn't use diapers anymore! He didn't grew up too much, but he is heavy 46 pounds.

I will miss them so much, our home feels so empty without them.
My last picture with them
I just hope they grow up to be honorable people.

I've been crying since we dropped them off this morning. Hope I can cheer up later. Tonight I will go to L.A. to see 2NE1. Hopefully that will take them off my mind for a little bit.


  1. Hi there ^^ I know exactly how you feel right now coz my parents have been kind of foster parents too...

    the last lil angel came to our home was a 4 years old girl whose a jealous older sister. the big sister was having a difficulty to accept the fact that her sibling was taken care much better in our place and made some drama on her own to make her sister's stay in our place shortened.

    My mother managed to get the address where my lil foster sister was taken to and we still keep in touch with her. We also brought her a picture to remind her of us... she's just too cute to be forgotten. And we don't want her to forget us either :-)

    Hang on there... the baby boys will remember you and your family. Coz, you know, some say lil kids will never forget those who were kind to them :-)

  2. I'm so sorry about the boys leaving, but keep in mind you have left a huge spark in their hearts and that they love you too so much. Your parents are great folks for doing this. The boys are so cute :3
    Hang in there gurl.

  3. I feel so sorry for you ;__; I really hope something cheers you up! I'm sure they will remember you and I know they hope you don't forget them ;) I'm so jealous you are going to see 2NE1 even thought I don't like them much I would like to see any kpop group ;__; But I really hope in 2 year I could go to some consert cuz then I have listened 5years kpop^^ I hope you have nice day ^ ^ HWAITING~~!

  4. Saying goodbye to children is hard :( I don't think they'll really forget you though. Your family has done a great thing for them :)

  5. Fostering is so much more of a commitment then some think ; after putting your love, your energy and provide an actual family environment to q foster child, you can't help but become attached. Just know that the time you spent with them is carved in their little heard forever and they will always remember your home. Foster kids never forget. My cousin and his ex, wife are terrible addicts having all of their children placed in foster care. Luckily, my mother was able to.foster and eventually adopt my sister danae.


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