Friday, January 6, 2012

Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream

Hey guys!
Today I'm on blogging mood, but I don't have many pictures! But I will tell you about one of my absolute favorite products, the Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream ( complete name is Super+ Beblesh Balm Triple Functions SPF25 PA++).
For those who don't know what a BB cream is here it goes. It is a Korean cosmetic that is very popular in Asia because it promises to deliver amazing results. Each BB cream is formulated to do different things such as whitening, hydrating, provide spf protection, anti aging formulas, can be used as a primer before makeup, etc. The best part of all is that they provide good coverage. So it is basically your skincare+makeup in one step!

This one is one of the most popular ones. It promises to do three things which are whitening, provide spf 25, and wrinkle prevention. I have used the same bottle since late April, and just finished the last very drop of it. Hence why my bottle is basically destroyed.
The consistency of this is a little bit on the thicker side and it smells like roses!
As for the color, I think suits me, I'm an NC25 on MAC and this is what it looks on me. Which is quite a good match.What I like about this is how well it controls the oil, I only have to blot once a day when I wear it. I like that it cover imperfections without looking like a mask, and it feels so light on your skin. I actually saw and improvement on my skin, less breakouts and it has lighten my skin tone a little bit.

The few downsides to this is that despite the cute design of the bottle it is impractical because there is no way of knowing if you are running out, it only comes in one shade, so it doesn't match everyone, also it is quite expensive, I live in the United States (In southern California), so we don't have a Skin79 shop here, and I have to order it online, or get it from some Asian beauty shops. If you happen to be in LA I would definitely visit Koreatown and hit the beauty supply stores!

In overall I do recommend to try this out if you have the change. For more info you can see my video review.



  1. skin79 is a famous brand right? the bb cream looks good :)

  2. that looks nice!!! im using skinfood's aloe bb cream and its really good too!!!

  3. If you are having problems with breakouts and oily skin, I love the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask from the Body Shop. You only have to use this twice a week. When you have a spar ten minutes at home you just have to clean your face with soap and water and dry, then rub this on. After 10 minutes you wash off and your skin instantly feels smoother and cleaner. It reduces the oiliness of your skin and just makes your face feel awesome.

  4. I love ur blog <3 plz check mine out and add if u like it :) follow me ill follow you

  5. Something like this could be fun if I wanted to achieve "Snow White"-kind of look :) Or Asian! But for that I'd need some contact lenses and loads of eye make up, since my eyes are green :D

    Thanks for stopping by again :)

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  6. Hi! I have seen that product before! Seems nice ay! And great video!!! :)

  7. OMG I LOVE Skin79 BB Cream! I've tried almost all of them and they're amazing! I'm so fair, and the colors in these matches me PERFECTLY! So I totally agree with you :D Anywho, I'm loving your blog. Def. following nao <3 Would love if you checked out mine too!

  8. My frd is using this one! and after I see your blog! Im gona give it a try after I finish mine! thanks for sharing!

    please visit my blog if you dont mind!


  9. It looks amazing on you. I love your reviews that are always so great.

  10. i love this bb cream!
    follow my blog dear:)

  11. You should check out Pretty & Cute. ( They're based in my city and import many different BB Creams in various shades, so you nix the cost to ship overseas for a pretty decent cost, I think. That BB Cream was only like 20 dollars, and shipping is REALLY cheap, especially Portland to SoCal, even if you got the cheapest shipping it would get there fast. ^^

    I love that BB Cream but my problem is I tan really easily so once my skin darkens it's like it just gets to sit around until the cloudy/rainy/snowy months when I get very little sun. T_T

  12. It looks like you bought the fake one.

    1. oh anon, it's not a fake, if you are saying that because of the letters are faded, if you would've read carefully, you would've noticed that I said I've had THAT bottle since April, when I wrote this entry in January, obviously it is a little bit destroyed after it's been in my makeup bag for 8 months.


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