Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters vs L'Oreal Balm

Hey Guys!

So there are a bunch of new products at the drugstore lately. The Revlon Lip Butters have been very hyped, and recently L'Oreal released a new product "Balm" that is their version of the Lip Butter.Both brands promise to deliver a hint of color while moisturizing and improving your lips. The Revlon Lip Butters come in 21 shades while the L'Oreal Balm come in 8. Both retail for around $7 USD.

Revlon Lip Butters in Creme Brulee, Tutti Frutti, Cherry Tart

L'Oreal Balm in Rose Elixir, Caring Coral

What I inmediately noticed is that the Revlon Lip Butters have different finishes, some of them are frosty, shimmery, and cream and I love the color selection, there are a couple of nudes, very bold colors and darker colors as well. The L'Oreal Balm all have cream a cream finish and they all are more wearable colors. As for the smell, Revlon Lip Butter, even tough they all have food names they don't really smell at all. Balm has as slight vanilla scent very yummy I must say.

I have to say that I prefer the packaging of the Balm it looks luxurious! I'm not really a fan or the Revlon "quilted" design. The cap colors vary depending on the shade that you get. So here I have some swatches.

On the left side are the Revlon Lip Butters, on the right the L'Oreal Balm.

I was very disappointed at the pigmentation of the Balm, it's basically clear lip gloss, and for $7 USD is very expensive. Also another thing that bothered me is the greasiness of it, it doesn't feel waxy like balm but greasy like oil on your lips. On the other hand the lip butters are very creamy and very light, but they don't really moisturize your lips. It is basically lipstick and not a tinted lipbalm.

So don't buy the L'Oreal Balm, it is a waste of money, rather get yourself a Lip Butter!



  1. I have heard good things about these - I need to get my hands in one of these

    Thanks for the comment on my page blog - hope you follow

  2. Yum those Revlon's colours look delicious ! I don't really wear any make up on the lips, some gloss only at parties. These are lovely!

    Thanks for your comment! Have a lovely weekend,

    Indie by Heart

  3. I love the Revlon lip butters so much! I already have 7 XD

  4. Loreal balm tastes like sunscreen! Don't buy, the taste is nauseating

  5. Hi nice blog you have, here in Malaysia only eight colour available,I get two only due to budget. By the way I am new follower

  6. this was helpful! thanks, i was searching for it :D

    Love * Monstros no Armário

  7. not all of the loreal lip balms have cream finishes.. many have shimmery as well


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