Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pixi Eye Bright Liner Review

Hey guys!
On my last Outfit of the day post I mentioned that I was trying out nude eyeliner. The one I bought is Pixi Eye Brightner No.1 Nude, it can be found at Target for $16 USD. Is not cheap at all. I was looking for something no more than $7 but I could not find anything. Stila, and Tarte both carry nude liners but they are all around the same price. Since I was already at Target, I decided to just grab it.

The description "This waterproof precision inner rim liner is designed to brighten eyes and make eye whites look whiter, wide-awake and bigger."

The liner it is waterproof, it stays on all day on the waterline, I was very impressed for that. Unfortunately you don't get much product .

It almost looks like concealer when it is swatched.
It is not the most pigmented eyeliner and you have to swipe it across your waterline a few times to get some color onto your waterline. As for the "opening your eyes" I don't think it does wonders, I would use it for more dramatic looks because it maskes your eyes look more sultry, but for everyday I will stick with my shimmery innercorner highlight. Comparison photo below. top no eyeliner, bottom with eyeliner.

Also, if you wear like to wear eyeliner in your waterline, there is pretty much no use for this.

Overall I would not repurchase this again, mostly because I don't usually do very dramatic makeup.


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  1. too bad it doesn't work that well...



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