Saturday, August 7, 2010

Secret Peri-Wink

So I know that I have been on a nail polish trance. I wasn't really a nailpolish person until recently. Pretty much my whole high school year I used to wear this bright hot pink nailpolish from Revlon [can't remember the name of it sorry :( ] and that was it.

So i finished up that only bottle that I had and never went back to get a new polish, now i feel that everytime I go to somewhere i always come back with one nail polish.

Anyways.... so here is my latest aquisition.

Guess what?? China Glaze... again.
The color is BEAUTIFUL. Never seen anything close to it before. Unfortunately is Limited Edition, and at my sally's they only had 2 bottles left.

Honestly I have no idea what collection this came out with.


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