Saturday, July 24, 2010

MIA + Nail Polish Swatch

Hey guys!

how's everybody doing?

I want to apologized for not posting here in a while. I really dont have an excuse, so i guess you can blame it on the lazyness.

I have been shopping for nailpolishes lately, came across this one that i tought was so pretty <3

This one is Fairy Dust by China Glaze, gorgeous color on the bottle, looks like a grey with lots of multicolor sparkles, but actually is quite sheer, i'm wearing 2 coats, and you can see through it. Probably this will look so much better with a darker polish below and on top of it this one.

As for the staying power, I tought it was going to be so much better. It's just average. It has a strong smell to it :( [ which i don't like]

But it is soooo pretty when the sun hits it. [sparkles like a cullen :P]

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