Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Dupe for MAC Lavender Whip

Hey guys!
I went shopping with my boyfriend this past weekend, and bought a couple of NYX round lipsticks.

Well i bought one of them that did not looked to anything I already in my collection, when i swatched it, I couldn't help to noticed that it was so similar to a super popular lipstick, MAC Lavender Whip from the Creemsheen Collection.

The lipstick name is Power. Below is a Picture.

L to R(MAC Lavender Whip, NYX Round Lipstick in Power)

Now I know, you are like. Monica... this aren't even close to similar.

They look completely different in the tube. Lavander Whip is obviously lavander, while Power is more of a Pink color with purple undertones. But when applied they are like identical twins,

L to R Lavender Whip, Power

The difference I see between those two is Power is more creamier and more opaque. While Lavander Whip is more sticky and glossy, a bit more sheer as well.

So if you were looking for Lavander Whip, but couldn't afford the Ebay prices, NYX has a pretty close dupe you can settle for.


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