Monday, February 10, 2014

I've Been Gaming

Hello lovelies!

I haven't been blogging for two reasons. One being that I went back to school, and it's keeping me very busy. The other one being that in my free time I've been gaming. Yeah, real gaming, not little app games on the phone.

I've been playing Grand Theft Auto 5. My boyfriend got the game when it came out, and would play literally all day, even when we were hanging out. He sometimes would show me other games he had, but they all bored me to death, so I just slept while he played. But not GTA. It was actually fun watching my boyfriend play. Since it is an open world game you can pretty much do whatever you want. I asked him if I could play... and it went something like this...
Me playing for the first time in years
I had no idea how to use so many buttons on the controller, since I never really played video games. In time I got a little better, and got myself a PS3 and the game, so now my boyfriend and I play online together.

I made a girl character because "duh I'm a girl" but I hate how difficult it is to make a pretty girl. Just by looking at the advertisements you would assume you could create hot females.

The bikini girl is hot
you see?
Wrong! all the females look like 40 year old meth addicts. It's extremely difficult to create a pretty lady, and impossible to create a character as good looking as the girls from the advertisements.

Also, It kind of  sucks to be a girl in the game. As women, I think we are bound to come across some creepy dudes in our life. If you have never had a creepy dude come up to you and tell you something sexual, then please let me know where you live so I can move there!

Gaming world is no different. Inmature guys see a girl playing, and  go after her like horny dogs. I don't have a mic and I've had players send me messages like "hey there sexy", "can I have your phone number?", "send me your picture?", or "do you have a boyfriend?"

WTF is wrong with these guys!? It's like they never see a girl in real life. Just because I'm the owner of a vagina, and you are the owner of a penis doesn't mean we should get together.

Seriously, even my boyfriend made a girl character and gets these kinds of messages.

Well, I'm going to post really soon, I'm currently having exams in school, so I'm dedicating all my time into studying. I want to show you guys a few reviews and non sponsored outfits so, that's my plan. Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive. How have you guys been?



  1. Haha, I remember playing this game a while back when it was just released. It's pretty fun to do whatever you want in such an open concept game. I hate doing the quest, I just like free time.

    I play The Sims 3 additively, that's my only game I'll ever play. Too bad guys don't understand The Sims, lol

  2. I definitely recommend Saints Row :)
    You can make super pretty people and customize cars super girly.
    The biggest difference is Saints Row is really silly and dramatic and GTA is more realistic. They are both super fun to play online though!

  3. I have such a short attention span for games so I never been able to spend more than 10 minutes playing one at a single time. It is so odd that you cannot create good looking female characters. Kind of false advertising.


  4. Oh my I am not that much of a gamer,but my nephews on the other hand...

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  5. Hello AtomicMony (If I can call you that...?),

    I'm a lurker or secret follower & I'm quite happy to see you've found something you enjoy that keeps you entertained while studying!

    I see that you aren't convinced that you can create good looking characters on GTAV:Online... Don't be worried though, this can be changed! :)

    I don't mean to say it's the greatest online character creation system there is (it's not; way too complex for my liking)... But! If you look hard enough on the net you'll find people who made actual good-looking, n' somewhat real characters as-well!

    An example of that is the tumblr user pie
    (I don't want to reveal peoples url addresses) and here avatar; she tried to make it look like her to the fullest and I think she succeed!
    Here's a link of what she looks like in-game:
    (P.S: I'm kinda gonna be spaming this post)
    (to help you but only if you'd like ( #^ v ^# )

  6. But apart from example I think the best is to find and tweak things and also research (a-lot) before trying out things.
    (Apparently there's a drug or "illegal activities meter" and it will affect how you look in genetic wise so when you're creating; if your character looks stoned it has probably something to do with that!)
    Also would it be possible to suggest to you other games as-well?
    (If you are stuck anywhere don't be afraid you're viewers will give you a helping hand!)

    1. oh yes suggest me other games because I have no idea what is cool. My boyfriend only plays soccer games and ugh they're boring.

      I did research before creating my character, how could I make her prettier, here is mine

      i think she's kind of pretty, but ugh it was so time consuming to make her.

    2. Hi!

      First of this is going to be long again...
      Now for your problem: So if I remember correctly you have a PlayStation 3 (I hope that's correct)

      Plus there is another problem, it's the fact that because there's all these genres & types of games out there and I can't base your taste in gaming by just one game you're currently playing and you (might) appreciate my taste & opinion in gaming but my taste will (and most probably) be different than your's.

      So I am first going to suggest some games that are also free-roaming sandbox games (i.e:GTA) that are on PS3; except Saint Row since everyone has probably suggested it so far (it has a great character creation system but as always I don't know if it's your cup of tea), then some games I enjoy and own on my PS3 ^▽^ and finally some review sites for some suggestion they can give you idea of what games are best to own that have came out over the past few years and idea about the ones that are coming out!

      All of these might not have a character creation option, so you'll need to be in the look out to know if they have or provide only a option for it. (Also tell me if you like these types of games)

      Okay so for Open-World/Sandbox/Free-Roam games we got some good ones (these are even ones I enjoy alot!):
      We got "Dead rising" (one, two or even three so take your pick [it all depends on if you want to know the games origin, but it's basically zombies]), "Fallout" (Post-Apocalyptic/Retro-Futuristic free-roam world [this is the third installment in the series but you get involved and hooked to the story quickly and it isn't mandatory to play the previous ones as-well]) "Borderlands" (same thing one, two your choice), "Prototype" (Pick either original or sequel), "Assassin's Creed" (Pick either original, sequel, or the third installment), "Hotline Miami" (Masked killers) and lastly
      "Red Dead Redemption" (Howdy cowboy! Yee-Haw!!).

      So those are the free-roaming sandbox titles I know of; this is also Part 1 since I realized this is going to be long...

      Oh and P.S: The references I gave and will continue to give you in Part 2/3 will need to be re-searched to have your own idea and opinion about them so DON'T buy them immediately until you know for sure you want to buy.

    3. Part two (maybe even three),

      First let me tell you that I forgot a couple of PS3 retro goodness & actual (quite) recent ones that I've forgotten to add to the list of games that are on the console which are sandbox titles and those are called:

      "Brütal Legend", "The Elder Scroll's: Skyrim", (this one is depending how you look at it) "Bioshock" (original/sequel), "No More Heroes" (I'm not sure anymore if there is the sequel on PS3 but be on the look out anyway), "Journey", "Red Faction: Guerrilla", "Sleeping Dogs", (I'm not 100% sure about this one but) "Twisted Metal" and "Retro City Rampage".

      Now for the list of games I recommend (these might also need to be bought via the online store or PSN):

      "Okami", "flOw", "Flower" (I mostly recommend this title for some relaxation and variety in the gaming library), "Tokyo Jungle", "Mirror's Edge", "PaPo&Yo", "Jet Set Radio", "Brother's Tale of two son's" and "ICO & shadow of colossus collection".

      And finally the websites for further investigation! ( ^ v ^ )

      There is of-course IGN and GameFAQ's but those are the most common ones to be shown on google. But I think the best thing to do is to find critics or gaming reviewers on YouTube.

      Anyway hope this helps!

      PS:Your character is really good! There is always room for improvement but you got to realize that with every Massive Multiplayer Online (or MMO) either "GTAV:online" or "Final Fantasy Online" you have to be dedicated to make your avatar even if it's time consuming (I know I used to play TERA...) you have to enjoy making your character since in the end it's you! ^ _ ^

  7. haha ^^ Gaming can be very addictive but fun!!

    恵美より ♥


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