Monday, August 12, 2013

30DS Shred Suspended

Hello Lovelies!

I'm so bummed out because today I was suppose to show you results from my 30 day shred level 2. For health reasons I have to suspend it for now, I was on day 5 of level 2.

Last week my chest started hurting, and I thought I was just sore, so I kept working out, but the end of the workout, I felt dizzy, weaker than usual and my heart was beating faster than usual. By the next day, my chest was not only hurting, but my back was hurting too. The pain became unbearable that I couldn't sleep. Even after taking some pills to calm down the pain while I was at work  I couldn't keep working because my chest was hurting more and it scared me because I kept thinking "I'm going to have a heart attack".

I went to the hospital, and after all the studies I had, turns out my esophagus is swollen, which was causing me both chest and back pain. My doctor told me to take it easy, and put me on a diet.

I plan on getting back to the program as soon as I can. My chest pain is gone, but my back is still hurting a bit, but it is much better. I still have 12 days before I leave for Cancun, so, maybe I will rest 2 more days and get back to working out.



  1. Please feel better soon >< You were doing so well!!! Please don't rush yourself -'w'-

    <3 Rei

  2. Oh sweetie I´m really worriedabout you, I really hope you feel better soon. Remember the first is your health!

  3. Oh my goodness, I hope you get better soon! o:
    Take it easy for a little while, and don't stress your body. >u<

  4. Oh noes! I would recommend you to rest and not start the program again very soon. More important your health. And that you feel fine and have energy when you go to the vacation!

  5. Oh no ! please get well soon >< And please don't overdo yourself with this workout! I'm actually really worried about you! You can start the workout again if everything is 100% OK and please wait a few months :o It's so scary to read this

  6. Oh no!! Please be more careful and make sure you take care of yourself!! Ah! That's lucky it wasn't too serious though!! Hopefully you have a speedy recovery too!!

  7. Aww I hope you feel better! I actually started the 30DS because of you :)


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