Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting ready for Cancun haul

Hello lovelies!
I just realized that I have less than a month left until I go to Cancun!

I have most of my stuff ready, like swimsuits, toiletries, and clothes. I still need  luggage, comfy sandals, a backpack and one of those u-shaped pillows for the plane. I still need to get in shape, I have a bit of back fat that I would like to get rid of before I go, so I have been working out to the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, I like the results I'm seeing, especially on my butt xD.

One of the places we want to visit are asking us to use biodegradable sunscreen. I didn't even know that kind of sunscreen existed. Let me tell you it's not cheap! Like $17 dlls for less than 3oz. I can get my coppertone for like $3 for about the same amount. I feel robbed even though I haven't purchased it yet.

I have purchased some clothes, and finally my last bikini arrived!

My tie dye bikini from victorias secret pink
this top is from dELIA*s I loved the pastel colors
From dELIA*s as well

I saw this and I had to get it! I love mean girls, but I don't know if i'm actually going to take it.

 Bandeaus from  victoria's secret pink
These Shorts are from Forever21, they were only $8!
I bought these a long time ago, they are also from victorias secret pink
These two makeup bags from Forever21
The makeup bags have to fit all of these!
This pullover is from Forever21, but the in the picture looks so weird, in real life is super pretty.
 This has to be the most interesting thing I've bought, a waterproof camera!

To be honest I was a bit worried to take my good camera to Cancun, because we're basically going to be in the water most of the time, I didn't want to sacrifice not having pictures at all. I didn't want to take a disposable camera, because you never know how your pictures will turn out. Also didn't want to spend too much on a new camera, so I found this camera pretty cheap at target! it was $80 but it came with a $10 gift card, so basically it only cost me $70. Best thing is that it came with the case and the floatable strap, it might not be super fancy but it does what it is suppose to do. I tested it out yesterday at the pool, and it worked pretty well. The water didn't leak inside. Here is one of the pictures I took.


  1. Lucky you, jetting off to Cancun! I'm so jealous - I would love a tropical getaway. I love the Victoria's Secret bikini and all the summer-y tops you've picked out! Have a safe and fun trip :D

  2. Wow Cancun? So lucky! ^^ I love the bikini top you bought. Have fun :)

    Dawn @ l Lave Collection

  3. Absolutely love your waterproof camera. The picture is so great!

  4. Yay for your forthcoming trip :)
    Love the tie dye bikini and the pullover :)! Looking forward for the pics from your trip ^^

  5. the waterproof camera is fantastic.

  6. Have fun! love the stuff you bought for the trip <3

  7. Oh sweetie really nice haul. Wow Cancun so bice for you sweetie, I hope you have fun and take many pics about your trip!

  8. Your clothes are so adorable, I love the bright colors :) I am a sucker for all the mini travel size items too

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  9. I love all of the items you have purchased for your trip. The tie dye swimsuit is great.

    Tracy @

  10. very pretty hauls! i love all of those items especially the two pretty makeup bags...
    I cant wait to go back to my hometown this month coz I miss to swim at beach too... LOL... Enjoy ur trip & hope u dont mind to follow back... Have a nice day... ^^


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