Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Liz Lisa Stuff & Valentines

Hey guys!
So I purchased again from Liz Lisa. They were having a crazy sale right after new years. A really good sale, up to 70% off! I didn't have too much money so I couldn't get everything I wanted. By the time I saved up enough money it was the last few days of the sale and almost everything was sold out. So I only got 3 items.
The pullover is incredibly pretty. In real life it looks like a golden caramel color. I honestly hate how these pictures turned out. The lighting in my new room is horrible. It's always dark and ugggh I hate it. My pink room had great lighting despite having a tiny window. This room has a bigger windows but is like light never ever comes near! The only place in this room where the lighting is decent it's the bathroom! I can't take all my picture in there.

I have been considering getting one of those ring lights. You know, professional equipment... BUT it is so expensive and bulky.  The only other way to change the settings in my camera, I don't even know how to use my camera properly. My camera has GPS and I don't even know how to use it! let alone switching to manual settings to change the aperture and shutter speed. It's too complicated.

Well today is Valentine's day. My boyfriend and I are going out for dinner at one Italian restaurant in downtown. My boss gave me a big box of chocolate, and another coworker gave me a rose. One of our clients gave me flowers ^.^!

I haven't seen my boyfriend today, but he told me he also bought me flowers yay!



  1. very cute stuff you got from Liz Lisa :3
    have a nice night !

  2. Oooh so cute stuff *-* wish I had that romper <3 so pretty !

  3. uber cute.. I love ur new dress ^^

  4. I like your romper - it's so cute! I'm a huge sucker for knits so... I like your cadigan and who doesn't love Liz Lisa dresses?!? Lol. Your lucky you got nice things on Valentine's Day! I hope you had a good day. ^.^

  5. Hope you had a great V-day ^^
    Grats for getting bargain Liz Lisa stuff :3
    x, Lara

  6. Oh my god ❤ totally cute! I wanna see them wornn~~

  7. I'm so jealous of that dress!! It's so cute!!! I'm sure it looks great on you:) I wish I had it too:(

  8. Oh really cute and kawaii dress. Now I´m following you sweetie I hope your follow me back...


  9. here's what I got for the Lizlisa New Years Sale for this year ^_^

  10. u live so close to me ^_^ I live close to Arcadia, in Cali too :) we should do a meetup oneday ^_^


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