Monday, February 18, 2013

More Valentines and Outdoor Weekend

Hey guys!
So I will talk about my valentines day again. I got a lot of flowers, which I wasn't expecting at all. Sorry for the crappy photos, but I took these with my phone.
From my boyfriend
From a Coworker
From a client
From my boyfriend too
 I also got a ridiculous amount of chocolate :S I'm going to have so many pimples in the coming weeks.
My boyfriend and I went out for dinner, we had Italian food. I'm not really into Italian food because it's all cheese and pasta with the sauce, and I think all tastes the same, but my boyfriend really wanted Italian, so we went to Little Italy.

I had so much fun this weekend!. It was totally unexpected. My boyfriend is going to participate in a 50 mile bike race so I told him we needed to train together.  Which we didn't really do. We were planning on going biking just me and him, but the bikes didn't fit in his car, so we ended up inviting his sister who has a jeep and his cousin. Next day we went hiking, we climbed up Otay Mountain which is 12k both ways. We didn't reach the top because the sun was about to set down, and there is virtually not a single soul around there so we just jogged our way down. I think we walked up around 4 or 5K.

Picture spam

We then went home, took a shower and we went to the movies to see "Side Effects" Really recommend this movie. It's one of those that has an "unexpected" ending.



  1. Such nice flowers your got! :D
    I always get shocked at first when i see people in short sleeves this time a year, because i keep forgetting not everyone has cold and snow when it's february ^^ Haha

  2. Very nice flowers!! You walked alot but you got nice photos so that's all that matters!

  3. Ii seems like a nice trip ^_^ beautiful flowers you got ♥

  4. Oh sweetie really cute flowers, and cute pics!


  5. You were spoilt xx

    mac lippy giveaway ::

  6. happy belated vday. beautiful flowers you got there ;)


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