Saturday, January 12, 2013

Japanese Market Hauling

Hey guys!
So last week I went to the local Japanese markets here in San Diego with my boyfriend. A couple days later I went back with a friend and purchased some cute things.
This is the stuff I got on my trip
Eyelid glue, and Decorative Lower lashes # 3 Play cool. I haven't found a pair or lower lashes that looks good on me yet, so I will try out these. I bought the eyelid glue because, although I do have a crease, I have hooded eyes, which makes my eyelids almost look like monolids.
I bought these random things too. A sand clock and a tiny box for accessories.
Necessities for winter
Compression tights and some pencil erasers, they are tooth with cavities! My friend even bought one for herself.

Also bought this massage roller. I can be used on legs, arms and back. It actually feels so good!

That's all I bought. I my next posts will be reviews. I have so many products that I want to review so I will be more constant putting those out.



  1. Cool :3 In Japan the shops were really full of stuff like this :3 (Still have loads at home, lol :D)
    x, Lara

  2. Hi dear

    Nice buys, those rollers work like magic if you use them everyday for like 5-6 minutes.

    and thank you for stopping by at my blog ^^

  3. : D The roller looks nice! I use it often too!

  4. i like that eyelashes ^_^ I am more excited about your review of those eyelashes you've got :)

  5. Love this haul. Japanese market is always a great place to shop for cute and random things.

  6. Ahora que veo las cosas más de cerquita se me hacen mas bonitas!x3 heheh xDU El reloj de arena se ve super bonito y como quisiera unos guantes como los tuyos en estos momentos x3 (esta haciendo mucho frío donde vivo!>__<UU) Espero que las estas pestañas te agraden!(^^)b
    Ten un bonito día Mony!n__n

  7. Wow, what I great haul! I'm here from Danitza's blog, do you speak spanish?


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