Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Etude House Color My Brows Review

Hey guys!
So today I will review  Etude House Color My Brows. It is  a colored mascara for your eyebrows.

So as many of you know I love Etude House because they have cute packaging. They are so pink and princessy, and this one is kind of the exception. The cardboard is cute, but the product itself is not. It is a regular tube of mascara.

It only comes in two shades, #1 Dark Brown and #2 Light Brown, which is more of a blonde color. So it may not be for everyone because the shades are limited.

#1 Dark Brown was my favorite at first. I think it looks very natural with my brown hair. You have to be careful with this one because if you apply too much, you might end up looking like Helga Pataki. I noticed that when you first get it it has a very watery yet it is a little clumpy, So I have to make you I remove the excess on the wand before applying it. The more you use it dries a little bit and becomes much easier to apply. It works well on brunettes.

#2 Light Brown. At first I didn't like it. Consistency wise is the same as Dark Brown. One of the things that is very odd to me is that this one has shimmer. I've never seen shimmery eyebrow products before. Also the color is a little weird. it has more of an orange tone, but it grew on me, and it doesn't look too odd with my hair. I find myself using it more often than shade #1.

I like that both of these products are long wearing. You can literally go to be with them on and you will wake up with your eyebrows done.  Also, if you have crazy little hairs that don't like to stay in place this product will help them tame them. You also don't need a lot of product so it will last you quite a bit.

-Not too expensive
-Long wearing
-Tames crazy hairs

Don't like:
- Limited number of shades
- Have to buy online if you are not in Asia.



  1. They look nice! I never used eyeborw mascara before... maybe I should try this one!

  2. Might work for me. I just tried and reviewed an Etude House lash mascara, and liked it. My brows are not too impressive :P
    x, Lara

    My blog has moved, I am now here:

  3. Thanks for the review, it is very helpful.

    I don't color my eyebrows or bleach them so I always use eyebrow mascara. I have used Palty's and Heavy Rotation's so far. Palty one also has shimmers in it :)

  4. Your brows look really good, and I like how the deep shade isn't too red xx - Boho Vanity

  5. Muchas gracias por el review Mony!^^
    Aunque creo que para evitar verme como Helga Pataki me concentrare en comprarme algún lápiz o sombras para mis cejas hehe ^^;
    Ten un bonito día!!n__n


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