Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Goodbye Long Hair

Hey guys!
So I really don't have much to share with you. Currently I'm studying for my finals which are next week and then... i'll be school free for an entire month! I wanted to tell you guys that I chopped off my long locks. I had been contemplating that for a while to tell you the truth. As you can see from this screenshot (it's from a video that was not uploaded to my YT) my hair was very long. This video is from August, and I hadn't done anything to my hair since May. So my hair had reached my waist.
Part of my decision came that I was tired of having to do all sort of things to keep it healthy. Things like buying expensive shampoo, deep conditioners, oil treatments, deep conditioners, taking vitamins, being careful with detangle it and well you name it. Long hair need a lot of work and dedication if you want it to look good. Otherwise it just looks dreadful. Which was my case.

I decided to switch shampoos, and started using one by fructis... (bad decision), stopped oiling my hair, and stopped taking vitamins, and well the result... dry hair, not a healthy look. So the decision was quite hard because I had been growing out my hair for about 2 or 3 years. But cutting it was the only remedy for getting rid of the dry split ends. This is what my hair looks like now.
This was right after I had it cut, my bangs look a little weir because it was all windy, and the lady straightened it for me. But I asked for something similar to Zooey Deschanel's in this picture, and because I have naturally wavy hair, my hair looks somewhat close to hers. My cut is very simple it's all one length with thick long bangs. In comparison with Zooey's which has some layers.I'm kind of sad that it's gone, but hair grows and I will do my best to keep it healthy!


PS I'm actually embarrased that I'm writing an entry about my hair... yikes!


  1. I love your new hair cut. It looks very lovely. And you are right hair does grow and it is fun to experiment with new hair styles.

  2. Nice blog ^^ You look so pretty on photos ;) I invite you:

  3. Don't be sad that you cut it? I can imagine that its sorta refreshing to get a hair cut, I love your bangs too!Hair will grow before you know it :)

  4. The cut looks super cute! It's nice to do something different with your hair after having it long for such a long while.

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