Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer 2011

Hey Guys!
A while back AlishaMichelleBabbyy tagged me to do the 2011 Summer Tag!!
I usually don't get tag, but however I just haven't got around to do the video, got a little bit of free time now, but it's nightime, and lighting isn't the best. So here it is!

1. When did you/are you getting out of school?
I got out of school on May 14th, so it has been a while, going back on the last week of August!

2. How long is your summer vacation this year?
3 months!

3. What are you most excited for this summer?

Just being out of school it's a huge relief for me, but I'm really excited for some concerts i'm going to

4. Are you going on any vacations? If so, where?
My family and I might go to L.A. we still haven't decided yet, but it's very possible. But i'll be
going to L.A. for a concert and possible to Magic Mountain.

5. What is your song of the summer?
I've got a couple Ellie Goulding - Salt Skin, it's a wonderful melody to listen to while you're in bed. I also love Little Boots - Remedy, when I listen to it I really feel the need to dance!, Others i enjoy Britney Spears- I wanna Go, Katty Perry- Last Friday Night, Lady Gaga- Schiebe, The Naked and Famous- Youngblood, Foster the people- Pumped up Kids

6. What's your favorite trend for this summer?
High waisted shorts

7. Do you have any summer traditions?

We don't :(

8. Are you going to any camps?
Nope, but I was invited by a friend, but I got a ton of stuff to do during that weekend.

9. What is your favorite summer snack?
I love the mangonadas, raspados and tejuino! They are all mexican, the mangonadas is basically frozen mango juice and you stick a spoon once freezing begins, and before eating it you wait until it melts a little bit they add salt, lemon and chamoy and it's ready to enjoy! Raspados they are ice cones and they only add flavored syrup to the ice, it's definitely a sweet and refreshing snack. The tejuino, has a very yucky appearance but it is yummy. It's made out of fermented corn with lime juicy.

10. Are you working a summer job?

I'm working this summer, however it is not a seasonal job just for the summer. It's permanent... for now.

11. Do you have a favorite summer memory?

I really don't remember how old I was, but this one time my whole family (even 2nd and some 3rd cousins) we went to camping to Ensenada Mexico and went hiking and to a water park.. it was so much fun!

12. What is your all-time favorite makeup product for the summertime?

Sunscreen, can't live without that otherwise I'd be red like a tomato all summer!

13. Would you rather be laying out tanning or in the water?
The water is more fun... so definitely in the water, I don't than never have and never will.

14. Are you going to any concerts this summer?
Yes i'm going to a couple. I'm going to see Austra, Cold Cave, Ellie Goulding, El Ten Eleven, Adele, Explosions in the Sky and Ladytron and possible Caifanes

15. Would you rather wear flip flops or sandals?

Why can't I wear both?. I just feel the flip flops and very comfy but too casual you can't wear them everywhere you go.

16. What do you want to get out of this summer?
Still don't know, summer isn't over yet.

Camwhoring picture from last week I went out with my cousins

Ps. Two of my cousins are expecting and one of them is due at the end of next month. It's going to be a baby girl.



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