Saturday, July 30, 2011

NEW: NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Golden Radiance

Hey guys!
During the week I stopped by my local Rite Aid, which I hadn't visited in like 3 months. I just have not been buying makeup at all (and my bank account loves it). I could not help to notice a display of NYC with 2 blushable cream sticks, and when i read they were limited edition I did not even think it twice to get it. I missed the 2 limited edition blushes. So i tought that i was now going to be like one of those cool girls from youtube with my LE cream stick.

So Basically they are 2 new, One in Bronze Radiance (a shimmery bronzer) and Golden Radiance. I only got Golden Radiance.
So the tube looks like this...
So Sparkly! ♥Only one Swipe ( it would be a pretty eyeshadow color!)This is what it looks like when it's Blended

It's obviously not a blush but a high lither. I do love the way it looks. The first time I used it I did not liked too much due to the glitter because if you have oily skin and pores can make your skin look extra oily. But that time I applied it from the tube directly to my face. I do think that it is better to first get some product on your finger and then apply it to the top of your cheeckbones.

I used it today and this is what it looks on my skin. I paired it with elf Pink Passion Blush.

You can see how it illuminates my cheekbones. I would recommend it for people how have yellow undertones, it will really flatter their skin tone.

You can find this new blushable cream stick at any drugstores!



  1. Hiya:) Just discovered your blog and I would just like to say that I enjoy it very much:) You got some relly nice posts:)
    Im a new follower;)

    That creme blush stick looks soo nice!! I love that kinda products, espc with golden shimmer/glitter;)

  2. Thank you so much for following my blog hun! :) I appreciate it so much :)


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