Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Falsies

I'm late jumping in to the Falsies bandwagon. I'm the type of person that if I find something I will keep buying it for ages, especially with mascaras. I've been trying a few mascaras, and about a month ago I stared using the falsies from Maybelline. The non-waterproof one.

I think the brush is very interesting, it has a spoon shape. The brush is pretty big.
So here are my lashes before and after.
I do like how it volumizes and separates my lashes, but I doesn't provide the length I like, it doesn't really curl my lashes, only a little bit, but after I while my lashes lose their curl. It is easy to take off, and does last a good time.

I would only recommend to those who like volumizing mascaras.


I would


  1. It actually looks really good on you! your lashes look really long! xX

  2. oh wow, makes your lashes look great!!! adding to my shopping list;)

  3. I think your lashes look great. I'm constantly trying new mascaras.

  4. Great review~
    Sorry to hear that it doesnt lengthen or hold curl. I might try this mascara out because I love volumising ones.

    Popblush xo

  5. ありがとう! Monica
    Thank you for your follow.

  6. i adore the length that it produces.

  7. yeah, unfortunately the downside is that YSL is pricey... :,( why cant high end makeup companys make their products cheaper!! *whine*


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