Friday, October 24, 2014

Sea World

Hello Lovelies!

A while ago my boyfriend was gifted SeaWorld tickets at his job, so we went with him, his sister, and his brother in Law. I had been wanting to go to SeaWorld for ages. I remember how fun it was when my parents brought me here a few times when I was little. The reason holding me back from going was not the controvercies sorrounding SeaWorld, but the price! It's $80 per person to go in the park, I mean for $16 dlls more I can go to Disneyland which I think is WAY better..

Honestly I'm so glad I did not have to pay for admission because I was so disappointed with the park. It's only fun for little kids. I couldn't help but feel bad for the orcas and dolphins. Their tanks are just sad, not decorated, like all the other animals in the park.

It honestly felt like one of these rooms in psychiatric clinics where people are held in solitaire confinement because they are too dangerous. They are all white, and there is nothing in there, nothing that would stimulate the animals. I'm not going to seaworld ever again!

Anyways here are a few pictures because in all honesty, SeaWorld is not worth the time to take pictures.
This was so depressive to watch



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