Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask

Hey guys!
I've been using this product since around September, I'm absolutely in love with it. I will be honest, that I have not been using it as frequent as I like, because it has been quite cold in California.The product is a sheet mask from the Taiwanese brand "My Beauty Diary". They have many different kinds, but the one I'm using is one of their most popular the "Black pearl" mask.

The Black Pearl promises to whiten the skin, leaving it soft, moisturized and silky smooth. Because it contains vitamin C it also helps restore the elasticity of the skin.

They come in a box with 10 sheet masks. Depending on the type of mask you get, the design of the box changes.
The mask comes in individual pieces. Unlike most mask, this is a literal mask and are premoist with the serum.

Once you open the package this is what you get.The mask! kind of reminds me of a skull.The mask comes with a plastic that helps retain its shape and prevent from ripping when you are unfolding the mask.

Just put it on your face and wait around 20-30 before removing it, in the meantime you can relax. Personally I wear the mask for about 40 minutes so my skin can absorb more of the serum.

When the time comes to remove the mask, you don't need to worry about it hurting and becoming hard like pore strips, the mask will still have a little bit of serum left, what I do is rub it against my neck and chest, then to my elbows, knees and finally hands.

Afterwards you don't need to wash it off, and you can proceed to put on your moisturizer.

So, what I really like about his mask, is that it has helped me a lot with my hyperpigmentation problem which is very noticeable in the last picture. I used to have a lot more but since using this mas regularly they have vanished a little bit. Like I said in the beginning of this post, I have not been using too frequently because it has been very cold and the masks are cold on its own. But it does what it is supposed to. Ideally you should use them 3 times a week, but since they are not easily accessible here int eh United States, I only put it on once a week.

There is one thing that I do not like, and that is the shape, the opening for the lips is a big too small, and usually have to fold the mask there a little so it can fit my face and not end up with the serum on my mouth.

The mask are quite cheap, you can get them at or for around $12-15 US dollars. considering that Sephora just started selling similar mask, they sell each mask at the cheapest of $6 US dollars.

So I definitely recommend that you guys check these guys out. If you are interested in getting one of these you enter my givaway, just click on the badge on the sidebar!



  1. I LOVE your hair, the bangs are to the side? looks really good this way

  2. i've always wanted to try these! your skin looks really fresh afterwords xx

    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  3. la tengo misxta, lo digo en el post XD
    es de textura muyy ligera queda la piel genial y nada grasa, me compre la locion y no la crema por eso.
    espero haverte ayudado >__<
    un abrazo

  4. This product definitely sounds interesting. I have been using the Ionic Clay Mask from the body shop. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and not oily.

  5. Wow, I never tried this one, but i tried the collegen one. You are right, it is amazing

  6. Hi! You are so cuteeee! :) And I love those sheet masks too!

  7. I like this post. Everything designs in nice way I got much information by this post. You should continue do this type of post.

  8. Ahh, I love it ^_^ Check out my review here:


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