Saturday, December 18, 2010

Black Swan

So here is the look I've been working on. I really ha a great time recreating Natalie Portman's look on Black Swan. I haven't seen the movie, since it was a limited released no theathers near me are showing it. Only one that is by my university, but ahhhh it's 1 hour away.

I used the following to create this look. Very cheap!

-elf complexion perfection
-maybelline line stiletto (blackest black)
-maybelline eyestudio gel liner (blackest black)
-nyc eyedust sparkle (opal sparkle)
-mac lipstick (most popular)
-nyx lipliner (blackberry)
-mac mineralize skinfinish (porcelain pink)

I wish I would have taken a photos when i took the makeup off, it looked like mud, and it was quite difficult to get it off because I believe the gel liner is waterproof. But I still like the result. Here is a photo.

You can watch it here

*Edit 12/19/10
I went to see Black Swan this weekend , and i loved, it's the best movie I've seen this year.


  1. that's a great look!!


  2. Very well done! Looks really like the picture!

  3. Wow, that's so cool that you've figured out how to do the same makeup! I'm impressed!


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